Friday, March 13, 2020

Chewing the Fat with a Cannibal

A quake story you can really sink your teeth into;

Introducing my most outrageous work yet...still can't believe I wrote this...what can I say, other than that my sense of humour went over to the dark side post quake...a basic survival tool...what I had to do, to get thru.

If you're a horror comedy fan;

The blurb;

Chewing the Fat with a Cannibal

A recipe for disaster, of the unnatural kind…

After a massive earthquake decimates her city, a lonely spinster distracts herself from the frequent aftershocks and the inconvenience of having to shit into a bucket, by chatting to someone she meets on a dating website, a gentle man who appears to share both her love of bugs, and her dark sense of humour.

As their friendship deepens, she decides to throw caution to the wind and accept this intriguing stranger’s offer of refuge at his hand-built, self-sufficient, eco-sanctuary—complete with turret, outdoor pizza oven, rambling organic garden, and flushing toilet. 

She makes the mistake of thinking, I’m living in mid-apocalyptic central city Christchurch…how could things possibly be any worse?

A reminder of the dangers of both online dating and positive thinking, especially when the two are unwisely combined, this horror comedy will make you think twice before striking up a conversation with a stranger on the internet…

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