Friday, March 1, 2013

The Artistic Life of Bugs.

I think it is about time we paused to formally acknowledge the creative endeavours of the insect community.  Or, put simply, let's admire some bug art.

I can see the humour in this piece. Not sure the subject would find it amusing;


 And this one makes me chuckle too. Such attention to detail, with a dash of whimsy;

I would like to know who wrapped up this parcel. Not in a confrontational, how dare you disfigure a flower way, just to clarify, but in a oh, how intriguing, tell me, what inspired this work? kind of way instead;

I imagine the creator of this piece to be the passionate impulsive, maybe moody type who works her/himself into a frenzy. I wonder how long it took to sculpt...I'd be curious to meet the muse;

I like the way this artist had balanced the colours in this work with a strategically placed aphid;

I didn't think I could appreciate abstract art until I saw this piece. I find myself speculating on the symbolism. Where did the artist's journey begin? Where did it end? Or is it unending? Is the artist still lost in their own inner maze?...hmmmm...deep is supposed to make you think, isn't it. Mission accomplished;

And another more elaborate work in a similar vein, possibly suggesting a more convoluted case of inner turmoil;

For some reason, this picture makes me think of a Ferris wheel. Nice work, spidey;

And here's an example of functional art, art that pays, that puts food on the table;

I love the way this next artist has opened up a window to bring the background into the foreground, allowing the viewer to appreciate the delicate form of the fern fronds. Works for me;

This piece is one of those clever trick photos like those pictures they show you in psych 101. At first, it seems as if the artist is using the redesigned leaves as a window too, drawing our attention to the fetching sky beyond, but when you look at it closer, you see a witch, with long flowing hair and a really big nose...holding onto her least, that's what I see...but hang could be a seahorse instead...

Ah...the joy of art...a personal and deeply subjective experience for every one of is in the eye of the beholder and all that;


But wait...if I look at the same picture from this angle, I see a with a slightly shorter tail than I would expect to see on such a creature, admittedly...but a dragon, seeking shelter from the midday sun, under a parasol...

And if we flip the picture this way, I see at least three cloaked figures clinging to the mast of a pirate ship...except one of them is wielding an axe...which makes me speculate that they may not be clinging to the mast much longer...

I don't know about you, but if I were one of those figures, I would probably give some thought to my predicament and realise that holding onto the pole wasn't going to achieve much, and that it might make more sense to try and restrict the activities of the lunatic with the axe...especially if the sharks are circling...but hey, one doesn't always think straight under pressure, so who am I to criticize...

I did flip the picture again, but still only saw a witch, just a horizontal one. Maybe I need to study it a bit longer.

Now, I couldn't post a blog entry about bug art without some pictures of the artists themselves at work in their studios, could I? If you've read my previous post, you might recognise this fellow as a Magpie Moth nymph. As you can see, this piece is almost complete. Are those heart shapes you are drawing, Mr Caterpillar, or do you have a fetish for Mickey Mouse ears?;

This artist has only just started his masterpiece. Obviously, all that chomping generates some...ahem...waste material... The above caterpillar looks like he has the luxury of a separate toilet...assuming that those specks are indeed caterpillar doo...not like I've sent them to a lab for analysis, or anything...just guessing...The specks could be caterpillar crayons, for all I know;


And here is a shot of both artists at work. I wonder if they keep tabs on each others creations. Would be easy enough to take a peek, wouldn't it. For them to glance over their shoulders... To spy on one another... Do caterpillars have a competitive streak? Or is it a collaborative project, a joint installation, perhaps...

Maybe an easier question to answer might be--do caterpillars actually have shoulders...I wonder what google has to say about that;

And here we have a close up of an artist with his brush at the ready. I think he looks a bit guilty, actually, like he's about to scribble graffiti on the verandah. Go right ahead, Mr Bumble, consider my verandah your canvas;

Finally, let's just admire this fellow, acknowledging that every bug is a work of art in its own right, a little pocket of perfection in an imperfect world;