Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mistaken identity

There isn't a mouse in my new house. Not even two. Hard to hide my disappointment really. I got all excited the other day when I spotted what I thought were mouse droppings on my kitchen bench, but turns out the little brown parcels weren't dung after all, but beetles. Of the borer variety. I really like bugs--most bugs--and I harbour no animosity towards borer. Not as if I have any furniture for them to tuck into. But...well...they just aint quite as entertaining as Mr Maus and his band of merry maidens. I wonder what the rascals are doing now...Hmmmm...

While there aren't any head bobbing mice on the premises, I have noticed a head bobbing bug. Think he might be a parasitic wasp. I thought he was making a bee-line (or perhaps that should be wasp-line) for my ear, which was somewhat disconcerting, but he was only trying to get to his hidey hole in the outside wall by the front door. I had rather thoughtlessly placed my noggin in the middle of his flight path. An amicable resolution was reached--I ducked. He's a little camera shy, so this picky is the best I could manage.