Saturday, February 2, 2013


 I think I have a new obsession--bug bottom photography. But how can I possibly resist when presented with the opportunity to capture two bumble butts together?

And here we have two bumbilicious beauties trying to hide their bottoms;

And again, two proudly displaying them;

And then, would you believe...there were three;

I did try to get a picture of four in one shot, but I was pushing my luck there, so let's just admire those three bees again;

The globe artichokes are very popular with the bumble crowd right now. Things have even been getting a bit competitive. Steady on, bumbles, there's plenty for everyone;

And there's still room for some alone time;

To focus on the task at hand;

On a perfect summer's day;

I think these photos have a Willy Wonkerish feel about them. Kinda like the bumbles are immersed in a sea of lilac candy fronds...which I suppose they sort of are...

 Such handsome creatures, wouldn't you agree. Purple is definitely their colour;

And they're such hard workers. Out of all the bugs I find in need of assistance, I reckon most of them are bumbles. They do tend to over exert themselves. Naughty fellows;

It's not just we humans that should remember to take the time to smell the roses;

Deep breath now;

Time for a well deserved rest;


Denis Wilson said...

I was amazed, then realised you are in New Zealand. We don't have them in Oz, at least not on the Mainland. Apparently they are in Tasmania. That's my understanding, anyway.
We have enough Introduced critters.

Holly said...

Thanks for mentioning that, Denis. I had no idea. I just assumed they were everywhere. I was surprised to learn you don't have hedgehogs in Oz either.

Can't imagine living in a bumbleless world...they are just too cute for words...