Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Holly meets the Mafia.

The Rooster Mafia Part Two (Part One is here)

Well I went looking for the mob the other day. Little Red was nowhere to be seen. There was another red rooster though, whom I shall call Big Red. Haven't thought of a name for the grey one yet. They were somewhat more docile than I had envisaged. And they weren't all bachelors.... Big Red has his own harem. A few feathers went flying when I scattered the wheat, but apart from that, things were quite subdued. A black rooster and a white rooster couldn't even be bothered joining in the seed scramble/photo shoot. I didn't take it personally.

Someone is looking after them. Yay. Someone who must have a car, I reckon, judging by the monster sized pile of freshly dug potatoes, well positioned in a shady spot. They even have their own water bowl, with rocks in it. And water too, of course.

This is part of the gang:

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